[Chugalug] Open Source "personality flaw" .. let's stay focused, people

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Mon Sep 16 21:44:09 UTC 2013

On 9/16/13 12:43 PM, Dave Brockman wrote:
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> On 9/16/2013 12:31 PM, Jason Brown wrote:
>> I'm not a big fan of forums myself, I prefer mailing lists. I find
>> it much easier to filter out the things I don't want on a mail
>> client than it would be in a forum. For example, PGP discussions
>> (I'm right there with you, I don't care about them.)
> There are pros and cons to both.  However, as you point out, filtering
> is generally easier with mail than on web forums.  Archiving is
> another feature lists bring.
>> Of course, filtering on a phone is typically not so great. I use
>> IMAP and have all of my mail filters handled by a core thunderbird
>> client that is always running.  Except when it is not for some
>> reason, then the email client on my phone becomes practically
>> unusable ;).
> If you use IMAP, look into using sieve.  My list mail is delivered
> directly into my list folder hierarchy, it never hits my "Inbox"
> proper.  I have to manually go looking into the folders on the phone.
I've used sieve in the past and it is nice. I don't run my own /personal 
/mail servers anymore though, it just became too much of a hassle.

On a related noted, Thunderbird threaded viewing is doing a bang up job 
of keeping this thread readable and together, even with all of the 
subject line changes. I think it is using magic.

--Jason Brown
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