[Chugalug] iPads for Everyone

Matt Keys mk6032 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 15 14:55:24 UTC 2013

I used to work for a local BoE and had 3 schools I managed. Personally I 
think this is a step in the right direction. 2 of the 3 schools I 
managed had a really high percentage of low income households. Going to 
school was just about the only exposure those kids had to technology. 
This will open up a whole new world to them.

This may sound like a politically incorrect cliche, but I found lot of 
those "at risk" kids had a general lack of respect for themselves, other 
people, and other people's property. I think trusting the kids to use 
the device freely may introduce a sense of personal responsibility to 
those kids and perhaps their parents. The flip-side being it will be 
really hard for those at risk families to face the consequences of 
ignoring that responsibility. I would rather the problem be identified 
and addressed at an early age rather than letting it go and the kid grow 
up to be a nuisance to society.

I remember back then the state of GA was toying with the idea of 
blanketing the entire state with WiMAX by installing a tower at each 
college campus -- both technical colleges and 4 year universities. Maybe 
this is also step in that direction?

On 09/15/2013 09:30 AM, Tim Youngblood wrote:
> Gimmicks and gizmos. Never has worked. Just a distraction from the 
> lack of good teaching, parenting and studentship rampant today in the 
> 'system.'
> The question is what is the goal here? If anyone is saying 'computer 
> education' they need to wake up and get a clue.
> Something else to spend money on, that is what we have here. Swallowed 
> whole by an uneducated generation of administrators, teachers and 
> parents thinking a tablet is the magic bullet.

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