[Chugalug] Am I Paranoid?

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Thu Sep 12 13:13:12 UTC 2013

Dee, being Dee, Wonderful Clueful Dee:
> Mike: The standard encryption envelope can contain a number of keys for 
> decryption. The content is encrypted using an on-the-fly random key (usually 
> large). This key is then encrypted for each supplied public key and placed in 
> the envelope. To decrypt, it selects the matching entry in the envelope, 
> decodes the content's key, and that's that. Not sure what mail clients would 
> make of it, but the encoding scheme covers it. Incidentally, to do the stream 
> cipher for the content, it uses the random key as the seed for a PRNG and 
> then XOR's each byte with the next random number from the generator.

That's the detailed understandable version of what I almost understood. 

If I get some time this Sunday to experiment, I will. What I'm afraid of 
is simple 3 line emails to 100 people, becoming HUGE.. and being something 
the common e-mail tools would have an issue with. But it's a good project,
and something that has me "interested".

You and Dave have volunteered to be test subjects ;)  (Evil Laugh)

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