[Chugalug] Even I now have a tablet. Want to know more about it.

rdflowers base at chalice.us
Wed Sep 11 23:35:59 UTC 2013

I can ( and will if needed ) find a flood of information, a third of  
it wrong, on these topics, but I thought I would try to get  
information from the fine Chugalug folks first.

I found a 7" Jazz Ultratab for $38.xx at Office Depot. It runs Android  
4.0 Icecream Sandwich, with an upgrade ( if you register it ) to 4.1  
Jelly Bean.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade, even if it forces me to register?

Can I root it without getting a Gg account and going through the app store?

Where do I find compilers and such that target Android, and whatever  
else I would need to dev play w/ this tablet w/o seriously endangering  

Can I / should I upgrade it to Android 4.3 ?

Someone send me a clue-tap toward decent documentation on this tablet  
and/or on Android 4.X ?



R. D. Flowers, Chattanooga, TN, USA

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