[Chugalug] Am I Paranoid?

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been nice knowing you

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I got a new MacBook Air a few weeks ago and am very happy with it.  The battery life is excellent as has been reported.  It is a vanilla machine with VirtualBox installed and running Linux under VirtualBox.
The other day  I downloaded and installed the GNU PGP suite for Mac OS X and have been testing the email encryption.  I recommend it to any of you Mac users out there. Now for the paranoia.
This morning at about 7:45 AM I was searching for some friends on the key servers.  Most of my friends don't have public keys, and on a lark I entered the name of Glenn Greenwald, the New York Times and Guardian reporter who 
broke the NSA/Snowden stories. Turns out he has a 4096 bit encryption key.  Within minutes my MacBook Air froze up with a screen that said it had encountered a problem and quit, blank screen, dead to the world.  Wouldn't power up.
After a few minutes it came back up and reported 2 kernel panics to Apple (which I elected not to send).  Everything seems normal now.  If I'm intercepted by Customs (here or in England) on my trip to Europe next week, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, is it coincidence or have I gotten on a list?  BTW  I'm sending this from a different machine.
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