[Chugalug] Apple announces the new iPhone...its gold.

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Wed Sep 11 02:20:31 UTC 2013

*- Chad W. Smith*

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 3:33 PM, Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Chad,
> I am going to disagree.  The fingerprint scanner has been on mobile phones
> for a while now, so its nothing new.  The Motorola Atrix had one that
> worked pretty good.  To me, they are kinda useless, and seems gimmicky.
> 64 bit is "meh" for me right now.  it will be a few years before
> developers take hold of it, and by then something better will be out
> anyways.  This won't pull me away from Android.

Epic Games said it took them less than 2 hours to change their 32 bit game
to a 64 bit one.

>  Why does the compass, gyroscope and acceleromoter need a separate
> deidcated processor?  My 2 year old Nexus handles all of them great right
> now, without a dedicated processor.

Why do graphics need their own dedicated processor?

Seriously, I can't believe this is even a question.  If you have a
dedicated processor handling that stuff, then your main CPU can deal with
what it has to deal with.  If you can't appreciate that, just think of it
as adding another core.

> As for your "faster CPU" and "desktop level apps" comment, I honestly
>  don't use my phone as my desktop.  Until someone does true device
> convergance well, I will never use my phone as my desktop, regardless  of
> how much horsepower it has.  I need at least dual screen, high resolution
> support, with full keyboard and mouse connectivity.  It also needs to do
> USB devices (Think storage) well.

Oh well, I guess since *you* don't use your phone like a computer, then the
whole concept should be scrapped, because obviously if you aren't using it
that way then no one else is, no should they, no could they ever.

I don't use Instagram, so it shouldn't exist.  I don't use Debian, or VIM,
so those shouldn't exist either.

There are people who use their phones as remote workstations, creating and
controlling content from the palm their hand.  I don't have an iPhone - or
even a smartphone, but I do have an Android tablet (several, actually, but
I only really use one) and an iPod Touch.  I've used both to do some pretty
work-related type computery stuff.

Regardless of whether you personally use your phone to do anything other
than make phone calls - there are millions of people who use them for
things that need processing power.  And, scoff if you will, playing games
is one of them.  Mobile gaming a billion dollar industry - and has been for
at least 5 years.

Games drive growth in computing power - they did for the desktop (and still
do, so I'm lead to believe) and they are for phones.

> I was really hoping the Ubuntu Phone would have become a reality.  That is
> true innovation.  To me, this new iPhone is indeed a speedbump of
> improvement.

The Ubuntu Edge was a pretty cool system - but it was basically a speed
bump of a Nokia N900 (which I had for years).  The N900 could run full
fledged desktop Linux apps.  (My current Android tablet has OpenOffice on
it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andropenoffice&hl=en)
 And could basically become a desktop computer with a really tiny
 If they had HDMI out, then bam, desktop in my pocket.

The Atrix, that was already mentioned, pretty much did the same thing.  In
fact, any Android phone with video out and BlueTooth and/or USB OTG could
be used that way.  The Ubuntu Edge was just a speed bump.

You can trivialize anything - "My Commodre 64 played games - the PS4 is
just a speed bump." "The ENIAC could perform math, the Tianhe-2 is just a
speed bump."

There was far more to the iPhone 5s than an improved processor.  Just
because you don't like, aren't impressed by, or wouldn't use those features
does not mean they do not exist.

But, as I said, I won't be getting one.  I am in the market for a
smartphone, but I don't want a contract, and I want things the iPhone
doesn't offer (like the aforementioned HDMI out, USB OTG, and expandable
storage).  But that doesn't mean it's a useless piece of junk.  Like it or
not, iOS is the most widely used mobile operating system.  That means the
iPhone outsells all Android phones combined.  There is a market for what
they are offering.
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