[Chugalug] [Bulk] rant: bad website design

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 10 18:59:25 UTC 2013

Quoting Rod <rod-lists at epbfi.com>:

> I may not be an expert but I'm tired of bad website design.
> Example 1: I heard about a special sustainable seafood event at the
> Aquarium. So I go to the events tab to get more info.
> http://www.tnaqua.org/Events/Events.aspx
> But it is not there! I had to use the google to find the proper link.
> https://community.tnaqua.org/2013event Call me crazy But I think that
> is bad design.
> Example 2: I was hanging out on some forums when someone asked about
> some LARP games held by a national organization(Mind's Eye Society) in
> New England.
> So I went to the Mind's Eye Society to see which regional group New
> England was under.
> You see each region has its own page with links to cities groups.
> So at the national site I spy a games drop down menu. There I find a
> menu item titled MES Regions.
> That takes me to a map page that shows the regions, an unclickable map page.
> Plus there are no listed links to regional pages. Using the map I was
> able to determine that New England falls under the North East region.
> That plus a google search lead me to the North East Region site and RSS
> feed. At least they have an RSS feed.
> Now wouldn't have been simpler to have a listing of the regions on the
> main page that link to the region sites?
> Banging my head now.
I'll give you another example... Joann.com -- great store, great  
prices on frames, etc. Lousy website. When you browse, they have some  
items they carry listed as "out of stock." I purchased a couple frames  
from their Chattanooga store and wanted to find another one exactly  
like the two I bought. I searched and searched on their website,  
trying to find that, so I finally emailed customer service. They gave  
me the part number, which I promptly plugged into their website, but  
it came up as "not found." I stopped by the Dalton store while on my  
lunch break last week. They called corporate, only to tell me they  
were out of stock.
My question is this -- why is it some stuff that is "out of stock"  
shows up, but other stuff that is "out of stock" doesn't? And, you  
can't search by item number, I don't think, and even if you could,  
there's no way to just enter that item number into the shopping cart  
and say "I want 3 of these, send it to me and use this credit card for  

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