[Chugalug] Being careful with devices with memory chips

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Wed Sep 4 00:49:10 UTC 2013

Not exactly a direct answer to an off-topic question:

I've been told that devices with memory chips can be destroyed by Microwave ovens.. HERF (got a 5watt plus CD Radio?), high voltage like a TV flyback transformer or from a spark plug wire, being near or part of a plasma torch or arc welder circuit..  In fact, while using my plasma torch tonight, I put my cell phone on the hood of the car about 30 feet away. Cats and balloons making static electricity can be fun, and dangerous for your electronics. 

You want to be real careful with mobile phones, tablets, SD cards and USB drives that you don't do any of those things, it'll erase them or fry them without a trace to let you know what happened.  Even the NSA would have to grind down the chip and attempt to read the last state with an electron microscope or something else even weirder. 

So be careful out there: iOS, Linux and Winders portable devices are still subject to e-brain implosions if handled improperly. 
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