[Chugalug] ButterFly ASIC Single arrived -- My review

Eric Wolf ebwolf at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 02:28:43 UTC 2013

I have 24 of the USB ASICminers running for the past couple weeks.
Unfortunately, I paid a lot more than the current $35/each (about double
that). Here's my current stats on the Eligius pool:


In addition to the USB miners, you also need decent, powered USB hubs.
These things are very sensitive to the quality of the hubs. I tried a few
different ones and ended up using the "standard" Anker 9-port USB3 hubs.
You also really need to build usblib and cgminer locally. But once you get
it stable, it just runs. About every other day, I get a core dump on
CGMiner and have to restart. As you can see from the stats, I don't always
notice and restart in a timely manner. The great thing about the USB miners
is the low cost of entry.


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On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Phil,
> I have been kicking around the idea of picking some of these up.  My BTC
> hardware budget has been spent on Monarchs, but I am still seriously
> considering getting a few of these things.
> Several of the fab companies in China have gotten ahold of the few ASIC
> designs out there (since China doesnt care about patents and copyrights),
> and they have been making these little miners for several months now.  I
> know some folks that have a few dozen of them, and are quite happy with
> them. With these suckers on the market performing the same as a 7950 and
> 7970 GPU on fractions of the power, and fractions of the cost, they are
> definately worth the money to buy.  Especially since they are in good
> supply now.
> The only negative I have heard about them is that most of them are passive
> cooling, and they can get a bit warm.  So long as you have them mining in a
> well ventilated area, you should be alright.  Most of the folks I know
> running them wanted to pack them close together for density, but they dont
> cool well enough for that.  They need several inches of clearance for good
> airflow to keep cool.
> They have almost negiblible power consumption, so that will substantially
> reduce your variable costs. When you go building a rig with these things,
> you have to keep in mind you will need USB powered hubs, since most USB
> busses cant handle more than a few.
> In my opinion, if you are wanting to get into mining, right now, those
> things are a great way to go.  You can manage your total initial investment
> better, since they are lower cost, and you can get them shipped
> immediately. Their low power will help you see returns on them for a good
> while.
> Hope that helps!
> On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:48 PM, Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Lynn,
>> How do you feel about the little USB ASIC's that do about 330 Mh/s? each
>> one seems to be about equal to a $400 video card, and they are $26-33 each.
>> I am interested enough to "play" and $1000 bucks of these on one of my
>> extra computers has ONE huge advantage...they are shipping NOW.
>> Seems like 9-10 Gh/s for $1,000 plus equipment I have lying around, and
>> almost free electricity might be a place to start. I am not keen on placing
>> an order and waiting who knows how many months while the BTC market is in
>> constant flux (this is my single largest objection).
>> Thoughts? Any second hand knowledge of these little monsters?
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>> On Sep 2, 2013, at 9:35 PM, Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ill be honest with you, I don't see BFL hitting their estimated ship
>> dates.  They have never made a promised ship date.  I can tell you that
>> they do indeed deliver products, and the products they deliver are
>> excellent quality.
>> On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 3:53 PM, Keith <uspatentpending at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks, Lynn.
>>> As soon as I read your review and responded I went looking at bfl's
>>> website again. The monarch is probably where I would drop the cash.
>>> I doubt I can swing more than one without my wife shooting me, but it'd
>>> be nice to have two or three running if possible.
>>> BFL seems to think they can make their dates this time. I'll let you
>>> guys know if I take the plunge and how it turns out.
>>> That would be my first BTC rig, so I'd probably be hitting you guys up
>>> for advice.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Keith
>>> On Sep 1, 2013 10:11 PM, "Lynn Dixon" <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Keith,
>>>> I can't find my blasted watt meter to measure power consumption.  I
>>>> can't remember if I leant it out to someone, or if I have just misplaced it.
>>>> I am guessing that my unit is in about the same lines as all the other
>>>> BFL 60GHash singles shipped, and thats anywhere from 350 to 375 watts of
>>>> power, which is extremely effecient when compared to one of my 500 Mhash
>>>> GPU consuming 250 to 300 watts.
>>>> It's hard to say if buying now would net you quick profits. I would
>>>> look at some of the calculators that are out there.  My favorie is the one
>>>> at http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/  since it allows you to easily
>>>> tweak the numbers to give different scenarios.   Keep in mind that alot of
>>>> companies are beginning to ship ASIC's now, and BFL has announced their
>>>> Monarch which is a 600 GHash unit that runs on around 300 watts in a nice
>>>> PCI-E form factor to make it super dense.
>>>> On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Keith <uspatentpending at gmail.com>wrote:
>>>>> Hi Lynn,
>>>>> Have you tested the power usage for it yet?
>>>>> In your opinion would it be worth it to order one of these now, or is
>>>>> it basically too late?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Keith
>>>>> On Sep 1, 2013 2:00 PM, "Lynn Dixon" <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>  For those interested in Bitcoin on the lug, I have finally received
>>>>>> my first Butterfly Labs Single.
>>>>>> Here's a quick review:
>>>>>> Well packaged during shipping, and was shipped USPS 2-day priorty
>>>>>> mail with signature required.
>>>>>> The build quality is fantastic.  Really nice brushed aluminum black
>>>>>> case that has rounded edges and corners, and a nice laster etched Butterfly
>>>>>> Labs logo.  The power supply brick was about 1.5 times larger than your
>>>>>> typical Xbox 360 power brick for comparison.  The power brick has a built
>>>>>> in cooling fan which I thought was pretty slick. The ASIC miner uses PCI-e
>>>>>> power connectors and the power brick is outfitted with PCI-e plugs as well.
>>>>>>  Overall its a very well designed and well built piece of hardware.  I am
>>>>>> really happy with it.
>>>>>> Now, the good part. How well does it run?  In a nutshell...like a
>>>>>> dream.  It has been a little over 24 hours, and it has already generated me
>>>>>> just over .5 BTC (about $70). It has some really powerful fans that are a
>>>>>> bit louder than I had hoped, but I honestly can't hear it in my datacloset.
>>>>>>  I used BFL's EasyMiner for the first 24 hours just to get the full
>>>>>> experience.  I am planning on swithching over to CGMiner in afew days.
>>>>>> Here is a screenshot of Easyminer, and the performance:
>>>>>> http://i.imgur.com/smdFgjD.jpg
>>>>>> Another screen snippet of the asic running compared to one of my
>>>>>> GPU's on EclipseMC mining pool:  http://i.imgur.com/5ozLrQa.jpg
>>>>>> EasyMiner has a cool "earnings" section that pulls the latest
>>>>>> difficulty and latest exchange rates to give you an idea of your scheduled
>>>>>> earnings.  Right now, its looking like this 60GH/s rig should return about
>>>>>> $2000 per month. This is pertty consistent with all of the other ROI
>>>>>> calculators I have used.
>>>>>> Financial analysis:
>>>>>> At the current difficulty and exchanges, this rig should generate
>>>>>> about .45 - .5 BTC per day, which is about $65 - $70 average per day.  Most
>>>>>> calculators I have used puts monthly revenue at around $1800 - $2000 per
>>>>>> month.
>>>>>> Here is my numbers plugged into TheGenesisBlock's calculator:
>>>>>> http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/a/5f1c18143a
>>>>>> I purchased my 60 GH/s unit for about $1375 back in June of last
>>>>>> year, and I am figuring about a 3 to 5 week payoff period, and calculating
>>>>>> a 75% increase in difficulty per month in my ROI estimation.
>>>>>> This thing was well worth the wait. Butterfly labs may be horrible at
>>>>>> meeting deadlines, but they are really good at designing a product. This
>>>>>> thing runs great, looks awesome, and is generating an impresive ROI.  After
>>>>>> mining with it for a full day, I have already placed my pre-order for some
>>>>>> Monarchs:
>>>>>> https://products.butterflylabs.com/homepage-new-products/600-gh-bitcoin-mining-card.html
>>>>>> Feel free to discuss, but please, lets keep this BTC thread civil and
>>>>>> on topic :-)
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