[Chugalug] ButterFly ASIC Single arrived -- My review

Lynn Dixon boodaddy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 02:08:11 UTC 2013

I have been kicking around the idea of picking some of these up.  My BTC
hardware budget has been spent on Monarchs, but I am still seriously
considering getting a few of these things.

Several of the fab companies in China have gotten ahold of the few ASIC
designs out there (since China doesnt care about patents and copyrights),
and they have been making these little miners for several months now.  I
know some folks that have a few dozen of them, and are quite happy with
them. With these suckers on the market performing the same as a 7950 and
7970 GPU on fractions of the power, and fractions of the cost, they are
definately worth the money to buy.  Especially since they are in good
supply now.
The only negative I have heard about them is that most of them are passive
cooling, and they can get a bit warm.  So long as you have them mining in a
well ventilated area, you should be alright.  Most of the folks I know
running them wanted to pack them close together for density, but they dont
cool well enough for that.  They need several inches of clearance for good
airflow to keep cool.

They have almost negiblible power consumption, so that will substantially
reduce your variable costs. When you go building a rig with these things,
you have to keep in mind you will need USB powered hubs, since most USB
busses cant handle more than a few.

In my opinion, if you are wanting to get into mining, right now, those
things are a great way to go.  You can manage your total initial investment
better, since they are lower cost, and you can get them shipped
immediately. Their low power will help you see returns on them for a good

Hope that helps!

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:48 PM, Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lynn,
> How do you feel about the little USB ASIC's that do about 330 Mh/s? each
> one seems to be about equal to a $400 video card, and they are $26-33 each.
> I am interested enough to "play" and $1000 bucks of these on one of my
> extra computers has ONE huge advantage...they are shipping NOW.
> Seems like 9-10 Gh/s for $1,000 plus equipment I have lying around, and
> almost free electricity might be a place to start. I am not keen on placing
> an order and waiting who knows how many months while the BTC market is in
> constant flux (this is my single largest objection).
> Thoughts? Any second hand knowledge of these little monsters?
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> On Sep 2, 2013, at 9:35 PM, Lynn Dixon <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ill be honest with you, I don't see BFL hitting their estimated ship
> dates.  They have never made a promised ship date.  I can tell you that
> they do indeed deliver products, and the products they deliver are
> excellent quality.
> On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 3:53 PM, Keith <uspatentpending at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, Lynn.
>> As soon as I read your review and responded I went looking at bfl's
>> website again. The monarch is probably where I would drop the cash.
>> I doubt I can swing more than one without my wife shooting me, but it'd
>> be nice to have two or three running if possible.
>> BFL seems to think they can make their dates this time. I'll let you guys
>> know if I take the plunge and how it turns out.
>> That would be my first BTC rig, so I'd probably be hitting you guys up
>> for advice.
>> Thanks,
>> Keith
>> On Sep 1, 2013 10:11 PM, "Lynn Dixon" <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Keith,
>>> I can't find my blasted watt meter to measure power consumption.  I
>>> can't remember if I leant it out to someone, or if I have just misplaced it.
>>> I am guessing that my unit is in about the same lines as all the other
>>> BFL 60GHash singles shipped, and thats anywhere from 350 to 375 watts of
>>> power, which is extremely effecient when compared to one of my 500 Mhash
>>> GPU consuming 250 to 300 watts.
>>> It's hard to say if buying now would net you quick profits. I would look
>>> at some of the calculators that are out there.  My favorie is the one at
>>> http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/  since it allows you to easily tweak
>>> the numbers to give different scenarios.   Keep in mind that alot of
>>> companies are beginning to ship ASIC's now, and BFL has announced their
>>> Monarch which is a 600 GHash unit that runs on around 300 watts in a nice
>>> PCI-E form factor to make it super dense.
>>> On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Keith <uspatentpending at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Lynn,
>>>> Have you tested the power usage for it yet?
>>>> In your opinion would it be worth it to order one of these now, or is
>>>> it basically too late?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Keith
>>>> On Sep 1, 2013 2:00 PM, "Lynn Dixon" <boodaddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>  For those interested in Bitcoin on the lug, I have finally received
>>>>> my first Butterfly Labs Single.
>>>>> Here's a quick review:
>>>>> Well packaged during shipping, and was shipped USPS 2-day priorty mail
>>>>> with signature required.
>>>>> The build quality is fantastic.  Really nice brushed aluminum black
>>>>> case that has rounded edges and corners, and a nice laster etched Butterfly
>>>>> Labs logo.  The power supply brick was about 1.5 times larger than your
>>>>> typical Xbox 360 power brick for comparison.  The power brick has a built
>>>>> in cooling fan which I thought was pretty slick. The ASIC miner uses PCI-e
>>>>> power connectors and the power brick is outfitted with PCI-e plugs as well.
>>>>>  Overall its a very well designed and well built piece of hardware.  I am
>>>>> really happy with it.
>>>>> Now, the good part. How well does it run?  In a nutshell...like a
>>>>> dream.  It has been a little over 24 hours, and it has already generated me
>>>>> just over .5 BTC (about $70). It has some really powerful fans that are a
>>>>> bit louder than I had hoped, but I honestly can't hear it in my datacloset.
>>>>>  I used BFL's EasyMiner for the first 24 hours just to get the full
>>>>> experience.  I am planning on swithching over to CGMiner in afew days.
>>>>> Here is a screenshot of Easyminer, and the performance:
>>>>> http://i.imgur.com/smdFgjD.jpg
>>>>> Another screen snippet of the asic running compared to one of my GPU's
>>>>> on EclipseMC mining pool:  http://i.imgur.com/5ozLrQa.jpg
>>>>> EasyMiner has a cool "earnings" section that pulls the latest
>>>>> difficulty and latest exchange rates to give you an idea of your scheduled
>>>>> earnings.  Right now, its looking like this 60GH/s rig should return about
>>>>> $2000 per month. This is pertty consistent with all of the other ROI
>>>>> calculators I have used.
>>>>> Financial analysis:
>>>>> At the current difficulty and exchanges, this rig should generate
>>>>> about .45 - .5 BTC per day, which is about $65 - $70 average per day.  Most
>>>>> calculators I have used puts monthly revenue at around $1800 - $2000 per
>>>>> month.
>>>>> Here is my numbers plugged into TheGenesisBlock's calculator:
>>>>> http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/a/5f1c18143a
>>>>> I purchased my 60 GH/s unit for about $1375 back in June of last year,
>>>>> and I am figuring about a 3 to 5 week payoff period, and calculating a 75%
>>>>> increase in difficulty per month in my ROI estimation.
>>>>> This thing was well worth the wait. Butterfly labs may be horrible at
>>>>> meeting deadlines, but they are really good at designing a product. This
>>>>> thing runs great, looks awesome, and is generating an impresive ROI.  After
>>>>> mining with it for a full day, I have already placed my pre-order for some
>>>>> Monarchs:
>>>>> https://products.butterflylabs.com/homepage-new-products/600-gh-bitcoin-mining-card.html
>>>>> Feel free to discuss, but please, lets keep this BTC thread civil and
>>>>> on topic :-)
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