[Chugalug] OT: printing playing cards

John Aldrich mrmaxx at spamcop.net
Thu Oct 31 10:21:42 UTC 2013

On Wed October 30 2013 9:23:50 PM Wil Wade wrote:

If you want these to be nice, something more like https://www.thegamecrafter.com/[1] 
Designed more for game prototyping and small runs. Some I know have had success 
with http://www.printerstudio.com[2]
http://www.plaincards.com[3] which are I think more along the lines of what you want if 
you want to print your own.

Just checked out plaincards. Very nice setup, but that's EXPENSIVE! Have to compare it 
to what a printer would charge, though.

[1] https://www.thegamecrafter.com/
[2] http://www.printerstudio.com
[3] http://www.plaincards.com
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