[Chugalug] ┌∩┐ JAVA Swap Death

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Oct 29 23:42:37 UTC 2013

>> Ok, forget the nice things I said about the Oracle MySQL Enterprise 
>> On a RHEL system doing NOTHING else... with 2 dual-cores and 16gb of ram...
>> It hit swap death in < 24 hours since a reboot.

Wizard Flushy:

> java is not some magical beast that consumes random memory.

Java itself.. maybe not. I installed a binary installer that included 
Tomcat and lots of other goodies, Today it's offline and corrupted
enough that my official email from Oracle support reccomends a reinstall
of the package after deleting /opt/mysql/enterprise/...
I did.. today it ran well, so far..

> Here are some of my examples:

Awsome Examples. Laughing.. but you know what you are doing, I was just 
trying to use the tool.

> TL;DR: It's not java.. it's the app's code or the implementer ;-)

In this case, I'll take > 50% of the blame.. but it shouldn't have killed 
a "nice" machine.

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