[Chugalug] First Church of FOSS.

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 13:20:06 UTC 2013

Quoting Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com>:

> On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Stephen Kraus wrote:
>> He's a warlock.
> Flushy was a Warlock grade Wizard 20 years ago... but focused (as far
> as I know) on the nobler more sociably responsible uses of his powers.
> I don't even think his constant use of Java has turned him to the dark
> side. (Yet).
> I have no idea what secret powerful incantations he can muster
> nowadays, in what arcane languages. But I hope for the sake of
> humanity, he uses those powers for good.
> -------------------------
> As a community: Hackers/Makers/Doers/Wizards/Geeks/Builders/Etc..
> inclusively; if we develop a new vernacular and verbage for ourselves,
> our wonderful clueless government will just create a new category for
> our potentially subversive and dangerous group.
> It all depends on how they spin it.
> Perhaps, we need to assume identies within a different sub-culture and
> subvert it? Anyone want to admit that they are a Brony?
> But I really think forming a religion might be the answer, we have some
> prophets: Torvalds, Stallman, Cox.. and sacrements should include
> encryption, compiling code, and creating divine objects as inspired by
> God (3d printer optional, but required for certain observances of the
> gospel. Same for machine shops, soldering irons and voyages of
> discovery (taking things apart to see how they work).
> The First Church of FOSS anyone? I think Gary has experience being a
> Cardinal and looks good in red (especially with heels on: there are
> pictures) and I already have some white robes (ala Burning Man) and
> would love to be Bishop..
> I like the pointy hats (sans mask). But as a pudgy bald guy, I let off
> Buddha vibes.
> First prayer:
> Let us Configure.
> Make Clean.  (chant; Our souls are clean)
> Make         (chant: Compile as commanded, Lord..)
> Make Test.   (chant: We have been tested and found pure) Make Install.
> (chant: Place us along the righteous paths you have given us)
> Let us pray while invoking the commands the lord has given us.
> (chant: Life is given, It lives. Amen.)
> ---------
> I'm in Guyana S. America rigt now, I feel the urge to build a compound.. .
> Kool Aid anyone ?  --Mike--
Well, I'm already an ordained (ULC) minister, but I don't suppose that  
would conflict with the First Church of FOSS! :D

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