[Chugalug] Laptop SMTP server vs UUCP over TCP

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sun Oct 27 10:02:28 UTC 2013

> The idea behind the UUCP was to send PC to PC email without a web provider
> and maybe tucked into a VPN/SSL setup or even a VIDALIA router.

Back in the days when were were doing lots of UUCP (pre-1995/1996),
it was for mail servers that were not always online. Bandwidth and 
connection time was expensive and limited.

There were a handful of places in Chattanooga that did UUCP,
some using bespoke one of a kind UUCP to pre internet email gateways.
For example, I built one for Chamblis Bahner for UUCP to cc:Mail.
I seem to remember building one for some Word Perfect email product.

The "Chattanooga Online"  original TBBS BBS to the "Internet" email 
gateway was UUCP to a company called "Holonet", and we were using a 
satellite downlink for newsgroups.

UUCP was seldom done over a VPN or a "Vidalia/onion/tor.." router,
I never saw it done. In a lot of ways it was like FidoNet (or FidoNet was 
a UUCP variant, either way) and we were just so happy at the time that it 

Still, it was a good solution then, and if done well could be a good 
solution now in specific circumstances. Traditional UUCP email addresses 
(Bang Paths) are a pain to translate back and forth to. Using SMTP is a 
LOT easier, and can also be used on a "store and forward" configuration, 
although finding a provider that will do it well is a good trick. The USA 
and "1st world" has standardized on "always on" connections to mail 
servers. These features are disabled (but can be turned back on) in modern 
versions of Sendmail and many others don't support them at all. The TURN, 
ETRN and other commands are seldom used, as are configurations that tell 
an SMTP server to accept and queue mail for another domain. Thanks to 
spam, we have become much less willing get in the middle and mail servers 
are more "direct".

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