[Chugalug] First Church of FOSS.

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Sat Oct 26 13:32:09 UTC 2013

On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Stephen Kraus wrote:
> He's a warlock.

Flushy was a Warlock grade Wizard 20 years ago... but focused (as far as I 
know) on the nobler more sociably responsible uses of his powers.
I don't even think his constant use of Java has turned him to the dark 
side. (Yet).

I have no idea what secret powerful incantations he can muster nowadays, 
in what arcane languages. But I hope for the sake of humanity, he uses 
those powers for good.


As a community: Hackers/Makers/Doers/Wizards/Geeks/Builders/Etc.. 
inclusively; if we develop a new vernacular and verbage for ourselves, our 
wonderful clueless government will just create a new category for our 
potentially subversive and dangerous group.

It all depends on how they spin it.

Perhaps, we need to assume identies within a different sub-culture and 
subvert it? Anyone want to admit that they are a Brony?

But I really think forming a religion might be the answer, we have some 
prophets: Torvalds, Stallman, Cox.. and sacrements should include 
encryption, compiling code, and creating divine objects as inspired by 
God (3d printer optional, but required for certain observances of the 
gospel. Same for machine shops, soldering irons and voyages of discovery 
(taking things apart to see how they work).

The First Church of FOSS anyone? I think Gary has experience being a 
Cardinal and looks good in red (especially with heels on: there are 
pictures) and I already have some white robes (ala Burning Man) and would love to be Bishop..
I like the pointy hats (sans mask). But as a pudgy bald guy, I let off 
Buddha vibes.

First prayer:

Let us Configure.
Make Clean.  (chant; Our souls are clean)
Make         (chant: Compile as commanded, Lord..)
Make Test.   (chant: We have been tested and found pure) 
Make Install. (chant: Place us along the righteous paths you have given us)
Let us pray while invoking the commands the lord has given us.
(chant: Life is given, It lives. Amen.)

I'm in Guyana S. America rigt now, I feel the urge to build a compound.. .
Kool Aid anyone ?  --Mike--

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