[Chugalug] Extending WiFi access range

John Aldrich mrmaxx at spamcop.net
Sat Oct 26 13:30:00 UTC 2013

On Sat October 26 2013 2:50:05 AM Mike Harrison wrote:
> > ...so what's the ass-kicking-est AP out there right now for under a few
> > hundred bucks? Or, what's the cheapest sort of system one might deploy
> > with a controller?
> I'd put a single AP with good omni antenna's on the side of your house
> near the shop, or directional antennas focused on the direction needed.
> http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template2/
> There really work as well.
First your AP has to have external antennas. :( that's my biggest problem -- 
my router doesn't have an external antenna. :(

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