[Chugalug] Extending WiFi access range

Bret McHone dbmchone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 10:19:55 UTC 2013

That's going to be tough without some kind of controller based system. When
switching between APs you'll run into delays/jitter when you roam because
of the MAC tables on your switch having to update.Your device will also
have to reauthenticate every time it roams between APs, so that will also
cause delay/jitter/dropped calls unless it's able to do some kind of
pre-authentication before it actually roams. Dave or someone else more
Guru-like than I may be able to give some suggestions on mitigating those
issues. I've not tried it so I have no idea on how to make VoIP work
outside of a controller based wireless environment.

Much of that will also rely on your wireless device. For instance, we
attempted to setup iPhones as VoIP endpoints for our phone system (no cell
service, only wifi) and while it worked great on the iPhone 4S, they are
limited to only 2.4GHz. We tried to go with the iPhone 5 and discovered
that they are *REALLY* bad at roaming. We gave our findings to Apple and
they couldn't tell us how to make them work, so we have five iPhone 5s just
collecting dust because we can't use them and they won't let me sell
them... However, the polycom spectralink 8440 phones we have worked
flawless on the 5Ghz range (802.11a/n).

Best of luck on your project!


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> > browsing session appears uninterrupted seamless?
> VOIP call not dropping seamless.
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