[Chugalug] Laptop SMTP server vs UUCP over TCP

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 23 20:52:43 UTC 2013

Quoting Benjamin Stewart <stewartbenjamin at gmail.com>:

> It's a great idea, but I think you're in for several challenges there. I'm
> sure folks more knowledgeable than I will weigh in, but here's my lay
> understanding:
> - For the receiving end, your SMTP server has to ALWAYS be on and
> connected. Otherwise messages will bounce. That's probably going to be a
> problem with your laptop!
> - For the sending end, you may find that many/most public servers are going
> to refuse to relay mail from a dynamic IP address assigned to (e.g.
> ComCast) customer networks. There's probably a lot more spam than ham
> coming from those dynamic addresses.
> If you can overcome those challenges, have at it, and tell us what you did!
Some good points. One possible way around the dynamic IP problem is to  
pay for a static. Some companies will sell you a single static for a  
small up-charge, some will only sell you a block and want to charge  
you $100/month just for the privilege of having a static IP, on top of  
your normal internet bill.

Another complication is, some internet providers will not allow you to  
run a server on their network unless you pay for a business account  
and will ask you why you want a static IP and then tell you you have  
to pay for a business account.

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