[Chugalug] Chatt*lab kickoff and my new project (linux webtop on smartphone with killer dock)

Lynn Dixon boodaddy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 16:56:03 UTC 2013

I'm interested in the portable KVM mod on one of these lapdocks, would you
mind sharing your research?

I have also been considering buying a phone that will handle Ubuntu Phone
to play with.  The lapdock would be awesome for this.

I'd be happy to collaborate with you on this as its right up my alley!
On Oct 21, 2013 12:11 PM, "Phil Sieg" <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tim and Jason and the rest of the Chatt*labers did a hell of a job on
> Saturday. Not only that the space is fantastic. Just wish I could have
> stayed all day :-(
> If you are interested in, or believe deeply in the value inherent in the
> "Maker" movement, PLEASE find a way to be a part of Chatt*lab. It truly
> takes a village with these sorts of things...
> No on to some *NIX geekery.
> At the Chatt*lab there was a Motorola Lapdock (netbook like dock for about
> 10 different motorola android phones) that was hooked up to a little ARM
> board (think Pi) and was doing a heroic job of running Lubuntu.
> These Lapdocks sell for $40-75 on eBay and are very high quality
> doohickeys. I have been searching for a way to use one (so I can buy one)
> and after seeing it in action, I just had to have one. I googled around and
> found out with $20 of connectors and no soldering it can be turned into a
> battery powered console/KVM for headless systems (of which i have a few). I
> have ALWAYS wanted a super portable KVM solution for my "kit" and this is
> the best option I have seen yet, so I ordered one, and all the connectors.
> Then I started googling the "other uses" that people had found and struck
> gold.
> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1281528
> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1617684
> Both Ubuntu, and Gentoo running on the Motorola phone as a full desktop
> when it is connected to the Lapdock. These are fairly advanced hacks. A far
> easier solution is to use one of the  "chroot" linux installs on the Play
> store and launch it from the "webtop" screen. These essentially run *nix
> virtualized and allow you to VNC into it for desktop access. Prolly a bit
> slower, but a lot easier to install on the front end without the fear of
> bricking the phone.
> The coolest thing is that last generation Motorola smart phones with very
> good specs are Dirt Cheap, especially if they are Verizon/CDMA units. For
> $50-100 you can have a dual core with 16gb and a 4.3 inch screen that is a
> very capable device. Buy one of these and a Dock and you have an Android
> laptop/tablet for less than HALF the going rate.
> Further coolness: MOST of the Verizon Motorola phones (if they are 4G)
> have GSM (think ATT & TMobile) compatibility if you hack the cellular
> radio. This is a fairly easy hack and means you could have $45 a month
> unlimited Talk/Text/Internet (through StraightTalk) with 4g speeds for next
> to nothing (comparatively). Since the Lapdock is a "dumb" accessory you can
> turn your phone into a 4g laptop for no extra monthly charge or tethering
> hassle.
> If anybody is interested in collaborating on this let me know. I have
> already ordered the "bionic" lapdock, and a Verizon "Droid Bionic" as my
> test bed.
> A word of warning: There are at least 3 different Lapdocks, and a dozen
> different phones that can "dock" but they do not all work together ;-) So a
> little research is required. It is probable that I will order a couple of
> more sets of these as presents for my nieces and nephews overseas. at $150
> or less "all in" plus some hacking, they make kick ass Christmas gifts for
> teenagers.
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