[Chugalug] Netflix on Ubuntu

Ed King chevyiinova at bellsouth.net
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hmmm.   a few days ago someone at the County emailed me a screenshot of an "application error" that the Country datacenter is dragging their ass about fixing.  I Google'd and it seemed to be a Silverlight error.   I thought "wtf, why would a business app need Silverlight?" so I thought my Google-fu was flawed.   

purely hypothetical situation and any relation to actual people is purely coincidental:     Mr Microsoft Representative visits Chattanooga, takes the "decision maker(s)" to lunch, sales pitch about why Silverlight is the new "industry standard" to provide a "rich user experience", and voila, Silverlight invades government business applications.

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Now the City of Chattanooga requires Silverlight to view your sewer bill. Now that stinks (as do the daft 'convenience fees' for online payments)!
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