[Chugalug] Have you tried KDE lately?

Robert A. Kelly III bluethegrappler at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 00:54:53 UTC 2013

On 10/08/2013 08:28 PM, Randy Yates wrote:
> I used to be completely against using KDE back in the old Gnome 2 days.
> KDE never was stable enough for me for some reason. 
> I setup a dual boot again today because I really missed having a good
> Linux dev environment. I installed Ubuntu and immediately started
> cussing Unity's inability to work well with dual displays. I guess these
> environments built for mobile devices don't care much about dual displays. 
> I decided to give KDE a try since that's what I've been using on my
> Debian VM in Windows. I'm rather surprised at how much I like it. It
> seems very stable these days and it's probably the most advanced desktop
> environment I've used in a while.
> So, when was the last time you tried KDE?

I've been kind of back and forth. I was originally a KDE user back in
the 3.5.x days, then used Gnome 2, and then Gnome 3, and then Mate for
bit. I've also played with some other things, I even used JWM with a
custom menu for a really light installation on an older machine. Most
recently, I've gone back to KDE 4 which I'm using currently. I do rather
like it, although I've run into a few things I haven't gotten to work
quite properly yet. For one, I can't seem to change the audio output
from my browser. This was working with the system sound tool in Gnome 3,
but not in KDE 4. I was initially excited when I looked at instant
messaging features, but then I realized that Kopete supports webcam on
Yahoo (I have a number of friends on Yahoo), but it doesn't support
webcam on XMPP and Kopete is being deprecated in favor of KDE Telepathy.
However, KDE Telepathy doesn't support webcam on Yahoo... Nevertheless,
I'm rather liking KDE, I just need to fix that pesky sound issue.

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