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The perfect solution. 

It does nice tricks when coupled with certain DHCP configurations.

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

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Hey Guys!

Im looking for an internal DNS solution to be able to resolve my internal machines by name and not screw up external lookups.

My home network has grown enough and im lazy enough that i dont want to keep trying to remember each machines ip address haha.

I dont want a full blown AD type environment, and i know samba can act as a domain controller but ive never tried to use it as such. I dont need all the security stuff involved with an AD/LDAP type environment, just something purely for local name resolution.

Short of editing the hosts files on every single machine is there something out there that does what ive described and makes it easy to manage if i add/remove a machine or change an IP address?
It can be a dedicated box or I can add it to one of my many linux VMs. Hoping for a linux solution but it doesnt have to be.

My pfsense box finally died and i never got around to trying to make it a local dns server. So now im on a stock asus router. (and i get alot more of my gig speed with it vs pfsense so im going to stick with it for now)

Thanks for any suggestions.

Nick Smith
nick at nicksmith dot us
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