[Chugalug] coupons.com: major web/linux fail

Rod rod-lists at epbfi.com
Sun Oct 6 19:34:04 UTC 2013

Found this.

On Sun, 06 Oct 2013 15:10:42 -0400, William Roush  
<william.roush at roushtech.net> wrote:

> Not surprised really... however if they do support OSX they're not too  
> far away effort wise... Additionally it's not like you can't write  
> spyware on Linux (especially if the user is willing to install it for  
> you).
> Most companies just don't consider it while writing their software due  
> to the low market share, and going back and adding support is generally  
> a lot more difficult than writing it supporting all platforms in the  
> first place.
> Sounds like they're mostly concerned with some kind of (easily  
> circumventable) DRM to be honest.
> William Roush

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