[Chugalug] coupons.com: major web/linux fail

William Roush william.roush at roushtech.net
Sun Oct 6 19:10:42 UTC 2013

Not surprised really... however if they do support OSX they're not too 
far away effort wise... Additionally it's not like you can't write 
spyware on Linux (especially if the user is willing to install it for you).

Most companies just don't consider it while writing their software due 
to the low market share, and going back and adding support is generally 
a lot more difficult than writing it supporting all platforms in the 
first place.

Sounds like they're mostly concerned with some kind of (easily 
circumventable) DRM to be honest.

William Roush

On 10/6/2013 3:01 PM, Rod wrote:

> Just got off the phone with my sister in law. I was trying to help her 
> with coupons.com.
> She is using a desktop with Peppermint OS, a linux distro that uses 
> chromium for a lot of things including web apps.
> The site kept telling her it only supported certain browsers including 
> chrome.
> So I tried to walk her thru changing user agent after I googled the 
> "chrome" user agent.
> Didn't work. So I tried the site with Chrome proper on linux same effect.
> I had her try to install firefox. Coupons.com let her in but then 
> tried to get her to install a .exe.
> She gave up.
> I sent a complaint and got reply just as I was firing up the mail 
> client. They must have these replys on standby.
> Basically they don't support linux and few other things. Makes me 
> wonder what kind of spyware they are installing.
> see attached below
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks for contacting Coupons.com Customer Support.  Our 
> coupon-printing technology is currently supported on the following 
> computer operating systems and web browsers:
> Windows
> Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, and 2000 when used 
> with Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (32-bit only), Mozilla Firefox, 
> Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, and most MSN and AOL browsers.
> Macintosh OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 
> Safari 5.0 or higher, Firefox 3.7 or higher, and Google Chrome.
> Coupon printing is not supported on Linux, Chrome OS, Windows 98/ME, 
> WebTV, or virtual computing environments such as VMWare. Also, the 
> coupon printer may not work with "beta" releases of supported 
> browsers, and is disabled in virtual computing environments.
> Below is the link to the coupon that you can print at a later time 
> where you are able to install the coupon printer.
> http://b.coupons.com/z.asp
> Thank you for contacting us about this issue, we value your feedback. 
> If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this 
> message so that we may assist you.
> Thanks,
> Customer Support
> Coupons.com, Incorporated

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