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it ain't an RV until it has disco lights!   (some shag carpet would be nice too)

I've been in contact with the dude who programmed consolecandy (command line mp3 player with ascii-art spectrum) to let him know that I intend to add alsa support to his program, but I suppose I could just as easily "borrow" the ascii-art functions from consolecandy and add them to mplayer.  why?  because alsa mp3 players dont seem to hang on my rpi the way mp3 players using oss-emulation do.   so that's about where I'm at with my disco lights rpi project...   I haven't gave up on it yet ;)

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> There are also some wireless routers that'll run dd-wrt and also have a USB port that can be used with a USB 4g dongle, as well.

I have an Asus that will do that, but the Wifi is for downstream and the USB 4G is an alternative upstream to the ethernet jack. Adding a Pi or netbook as an additional upstream Wifi "seeker" and "leach" might be the effective use.. Power is not a problem, I'm replacing a old style TV set... and putting geekdom in it's place.

Ascii art should look correct with a fixed font:

| WifiAntenna
Pi running as router
| Ethernet
|            /  GSM Dongle
|           /
[ Access point]
| Local-Net Wifi/Cat 5 for RV such..

I'm finding an awesome selection of replacement units for the
Cassette playing (no CD) indash stereo like this:

Hey Ed:  Should we add the disco-ball and light show controller?

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