[Chugalug] Road Server Project

Matt Keys mk6032 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 4 14:35:48 UTC 2013

You should be able to do this with pfsense and the gateway tiers for 
load balance/failover. I don't think pfsense will run on pi quite yet, 
though. It'd need to be at least an atom box and supported wifi adapters.

On 10/04/2013 10:12 AM, Mike Harrison wrote:
> Nancy and I bought a new RV yesterday, the next project will be turning
> a netbook/notebook into an access device and server.
> My goal is that it'd provide a consistent Wifi interface and network 
> inside of the RV for a tablet/phone and a couple of laptops.
> I've been collecting gear including a high range wifi antenna (a 
> directional and an omni) - the goal is to merge a combination of WiFi
> that I can suck (legally and with permission) and one (or more)
> cell uplinks.
> I've done some googling, and found some commercial "all in one" boxes 
> for this, but me, being me, would love to roll my own on Linux.
> My questions for the group:
>   Am I insane? (probably)
>   Is this a Raspberry Pi-ish project (That might be fun)
>   Anyone seen any magic for managing multiple changing upstream 
> connections or am I having fun with iptables and routeing commands via 
> some perl scripts (which I know how to do..)?  It's been a while since 
> I did these types of things.
> --Mike--
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