[Chugalug] Another switcher from Windows to Linux

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Tue Oct 1 16:49:38 UTC 2013

Good to hear. I hope they don't run into someone at school who insists  
they have to use a window program.
My nephew had an assignment to do a power point. He tried to do it in  
impress but the instructor didn't know how to open it.
I told mty nephew to export to HTML or PDF.

He redid it using prezi (web based app).

On Tue, 01 Oct 2013 11:50:45 -0400, Phil Shapiro <pshapiro at his.com> wrote:

>   A longtime Windows geek friend of mine told me this morning that his  
> middle school son's three year old Windows laptop was acting sluggish  
> and the son was >begging his dad for a new laptop.  Dad, wanting to  
> foster independence with his son, said, "Why don't you try installing  
> Ubuntu Linux and see if that makes your >laptop more responsive."
>     The kid (a middle school student) installed Ubuntu Linux on his own  
> and now loves his laptop. Dad was going to help him dual-boot Windows  
> and Linux, but >the kid said he'd prefer to install Linux only on the  
> laptop.
>      Now the two younger siblings in the family are begging to install  
> Linux on their laptops. The middle school son has created bootable USB  
> drives for his young >siblings for now.  It's only a matter of time  
> before the young one's say: "No more bootable USB drives for me."
>          Anyway, just wanted to share this story. I just wasn't  
> expecting to hear such a story from my friend. My response? Your kids  
> will now have something in >common with the smartest tech geeks at their  
> school - who invariably use Linux.  They'll also be well equipped to  
> dive head first into the maker movement at any >makerspace. My friend's  
> response to me: "You're right."
>                phil
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