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Tue Nov 26 17:11:20 UTC 2013

Well and internal promotion only.

William Roush
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On 11/26/2013 12:09 PM, William Roush wrote:
> It _starts_ above what I'm currently being paid and I have more 
> responsibilities... though a solid DBA can be worth their weight in 
> gold when it comes to database performance issues (which I've been 
> solving a lot of them where I work now).
> Sadly I don't have the years of experience required. ;P
> William Roush
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> On 11/26/2013 8:57 AM, Ed King wrote:
>> for entertainment purposes only
>> http://hamiltontn.gov/HumanResources/Career/JobsOpen.aspx
>> Under limited supervision, designs, develops and oversees the 
>> maintenance of
>> the SQL Databases for applications for various departments of Hamilton
>> County Government to ensure accurate data processes and reports and
>> databases.
>> Essential Functions:  (Essential functions, as defined under the 
>> Americans with Disabilities Act, may
>> include the following tasks, knowledge, skills and other
>> characteristics.  This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not 
>> a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by 
>> incumbents of this class.)
>>   Tasks:
>> Designs, develops and maintains all SQL databases for Hamilton 
>> County; ensuring
>> the safety, flexibility, efficiency of all data residing in the
>> databases and avoiding unnecessary redundancy of data; maps out the
>> ‘conceptual design’ for a planned database; assists setting standards
>> for database design and maintenance; takes the primary role in
>> developing and supporting all databases for Hamilton County Information
>> Technology Services; advises development staff concerning data usage 
>> and requirements; assists programmers with programming languages, 
>> debugging and using utility routines; assists in analysis and design 
>> of new
>> programs, applications and databases; monitors performance and manages
>> parameters to provide fast query responses to ‘front end’ users; 
>> designs queries; maintaining data standards, including adherence to 
>> the Data
>> Protection Act; writing database documentation, including data
>> standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary
>> (’metadata’); designs, implements and manages processes that monitor 
>> the databases for improper or illegal access and use; controls access
>> permissions and privileges; develops, manages and tests backup and
>> recovery plans; ensures that storage, archiving, backup and recovery
>> procedures are functioning correctly; does capacity planning; works
>> closely with IT project managers, programmers and web developers;
>> commissions and installs new applications; performs or supervises all
>> maintenance activity performed on the County’s SQL databases.
>> Performs other related duties as assigned.
>>   Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
>> In-depth knowledge of SQL database design, structure and management.
>> Knowledge and experience with software tools and alerts systems to 
>> aid in monitoring and recording data activity.
>> Knowledge of hazards to data and security practices and procedures to 
>> protect the data.
>> Knowledge of federal, state and county laws, rules, regulations, 
>> practices and
>> procedures related to telecommunications and computer programming
>> applications.
>> Knowledge of specialized server design.
>> Knowledge of technical hardware and software programming analysis 
>> methods and practices.
>> Knowledge of technical programming maintenance and repair.
>> Knowledge of client/server languages, such as Visual Basic, and ASP.Net.
>> Knowledge of programming and design methods, practices and procedures.
>> Knowledge of customer service/public relations practices.
>> Skill with designing databases for efficiency and safety.
>> Skill analyzing customer/client needs.
>> Skill creating, designing, programming, implementing, and 
>> troubleshooting program applications.
>> Skill providing technical support and training to staff and end users.
>> Skill utilizing verbal and written communication to develop and present
>> reports, training and presentations related to programming needs or
>> innovations.
>> Skill learning and implementing new technologies to better serve the 
>> end user.
>> Skill utilizing customer service/public relations techniques when 
>> responding to inquiries and complaints.
>> Skill establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.
>> Skill effectively communicating in both oral and written form.
>>   Minimum Requirements:
>> The equivalent of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science plus
>> five (5) years of programming, design, and three (3) years database
>> management experience.
>> Physical Requirements:  Work requires extreme attention to detail and 
>> extensive computer keyboarding.  Does require working evenings and 
>> weekends and being on call.
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