[Chugalug] wireless routers

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Fri Nov 22 21:34:47 UTC 2013

> Nifty. I'm assuming if you don't have an external antenna (most "modern" 
> consumer-grade WiFi routers don't these days) you'd just stick it off the 
> back of the router an inch or so?

Probably create more noise then signal. the trick is those parabolas are 
the right length from the antenna and follow it's shape. But it'd cost 
almost nada to try. I used extra heavy heavy duty aluminum foil on 
posterboard with spray on contact cement. File folders, etc.. would all 
work well.

Dan's reporting good results with the Ubiquity's.. My Asus works well, 
right smack in the middle of the house and no nearby neighbors.

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