[Chugalug] wireless routers

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 22 15:53:40 UTC 2013

Quoting Andrew Rodgers <acedrew at acedrew.com>:

> Haha, I read that as you describing the problem, rather than the solution.
> carry on. The problem with directional antennae any more is if you have a
> 3x3 MIMO device, you need to get decent signal on all three radios to
> achieve maximum performance. Some of the APs with internal antennae will
> use 9-12 elements, only enabling the ones with best signal strength to your
> devices. Somewhat automagically providing what you seek.
Gotcha. If I had an external antenna, though, could I not replace it  
with a semi-directional antenna so that I get an elongated oval shape  
pointing towards the interior of the house or would it just be better  
to use some aluminum foil and create a semi-circle behind my existing  
router? :)

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