[Chugalug] wireless routers

John Aldrich jmaldrich at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 22 15:13:56 UTC 2013

Quoting Andrew Rodgers <acedrew at acedrew.com>:

> Just get yourself one of these. $80 and you'll cover your whole backyard.
> http://www.ubnt.com/airmax#nanostationm
Thanks, Andrew... but that's what I'm trying to AVOID! :D I don't want  
my neighbors banging on my wi-fi trying to guess the password. :) I  
want to -just- cover the interior of my house. Since my router is  
currently on an exterior wall, I figure the signal has to be  
hemispherical, so there's a lot of wasted signal strength that could  
be better used if it were directionalized. :)

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