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I feel your pain. Some my family don't mind linux at all. Others insist on  
windows just so they can do FB & webmail.
Yep that's all they do.

Look into Peppermint OS, Joli Cloud, and Bohdi which I believe is a  
lightweight mint derivative.

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> I considered that. I do have Virtualbox vm running Windows 98 on their  
> PC, because my dad liked some DOS games that he had on his older PC, >so  
> I cloned the whole drive and made it a vm because it was the simplest  
> option at the time. He’s got that figured out pretty well. However,  
> >knowing my parents, they would boot into a buggy XP install rather than  
> learn something new.From: DJ
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>Is dual booting an option? That will give them the comfort of XP to fall  
> back on while learning something new.
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> basic2point0 at gmail.com wrote:
>My parents have a PC that is a few years old. If I remember right, its a  
> Sempron @ around 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM. They use for getting online, my >mom  
> plays PopCap style games, my dad has some games on Steam - Half-Life 2  
> era and older. I’ve left it alone with XP because that's what they  
> >prefer, but they’ve been having software problems lately, mostly driver  
> issues, and just want to be able to turn it on and use it.Anyhow.. Steam  
> is looking pretty good on Linux, especially for the games my dad likes.  
> There’s obviously plenty of games available that my mom >would like. I  
> just need to make the transition as easy as possible for them, since  
> they don’t take change very well. I’m thinking Linux Mint with >Cinnamon  
> desktop, since its pretty similar to Windows. Any suggestions?

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