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Mon Nov 18 16:37:28 UTC 2013

My parents have a PC that is a few years old. If I remember right, its a Sempron @ around 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM. They use for getting online, my mom plays PopCap style games, my dad has some games on Steam - Half-Life 2 era and older. I’ve left it alone with XP because that's what they prefer, but they’ve been having software problems lately, mostly driver issues, and just want to be able to turn it on and use it. 

Anyhow.. Steam is looking pretty good on Linux, especially for the games my dad likes. There’s obviously plenty of games available that my mom would like. I just need to make the transition as easy as possible for them, since they don’t take change very well. I’m thinking Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop, since its pretty similar to Windows. Any suggestions?
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