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We would love to have you guys come and participate at the Iron Games
(event mentioned in the article) or let people know about it.  Friday night
will be a good night for people to come with their families and check out
Minecraft related activities, game with their kids, and learn about using
gaming to provide incentive to kids.  As for EPB, our efforts with children
have bridged the gap so to speak.  They see the value and virtue of our
efforts and are helping us grow those efforts in the Tennessee Valley.

On a less marketing fluffy note, we need geeky individuals to help with
some of the Minecraft projects we are sponsoring with the schools in the 5
surrounding counties (TN and GA).  We are using the Rasberry Pi and Arduino
to promote things like:


You can find out more about the Iron Games at the link below:


Thanks in advance for any support you can give and I really hope to see
some of you at the event.


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> Glad to see that you were finally able to get EPB on board...
> http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/nov/15/iron-gaming-epb-bury-hatchet-launch-chattanooga-ga/
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