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Also, another thing that makes Red Hat really nice is their life cycles.
 Starting with RHEL5, they have a 10 year supported life cycle from Red
Hat.  RHEL5 doesn't go  end-of-life until 2017, while RHEL6 will be
supported until 2020.

As a sysadmin, that makes me happy.

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> On Fri, 8 Nov 2013, Dave Brockman wrote:
>> I'm confused.  Did the Linux kernel drop support for some type of
>> hardware?
> Sorry. must have missed this..
> Yes/No. The older Intel Modular Servers have an LSI chipset that is not
> properly recognized by the 3.x kernels. It gets stuck at modprobe going
> nuts looking for the relevant driver. 2nd factor: There is 1+ in-house
> Redhat/Fedora nutcases with some skills... Some of you met Dominic when he
> was visiting. So we went Redhat for the servers. 3 licensed Redhat for the
> important stuff, and 1 external facing "disposable" API/Public Interface
> server running CentOS.
> Except for some pain finding some odd things we needed that aren't in the
> official Redhat Repo's like a php command called:  phpize
> that took a while to find the right version elsewhere (thanks rpmfind
> and pbone) the Redhat stuff worked pretty well. Thanks to some Oracle
> crapola that requires a GUI, we had to install a GUI on the servers, which
> I am not happy about. But overall, Redhat works pretty well for a server.
> The official reccomendation from Intel was: Redhat is supported and tested
> on that hardware, with expected long term support, and Ubuntu is not.
> They suggested that I could probably work around the modprobe/driver
> issue, and that a future update would make it not boot again.
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