[Chugalug] Small /boot partitions must go!

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Nov 12 12:56:56 UTC 2013

> +1
> I always assign 1gb to /boot. If it's SuSE or a SuSE variant, make it 10GB -- 
> enough to fit the installation dvd(s) on in a pinch. I always recommend a 
> boot partition to simply troubleshooting. Have you ever tried to fix a low 
> level boot problem on a machine with nothing but lvm partitioning? Fun times.

I like the "big enough to hold an installation/recovery image", I can see 
where that would be useful, but what I really love about modern Linux 
servers is those days are rare. I used to be able to spoon feed a 
bootloader, hand recover bad inodes.. etc.. But it's been a long long time 
since I had to. If I have good backups, and a slave/second master database 
server with a good copy of data, I can re-install faster.

As for you LVM nightmares.. Sigh.. I let these Redhat Machines do it that 
way, and I am hoping I don't regret it. A long long time ago I had had 
such nightmares.

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