[Chugalug] Really annoying connection issues with OpenWRT

James Nylen jnylen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 18:19:17 UTC 2013

I recently switched my router (a Buffalo WZR-) from DD-WRT to OpenWRT.  I
really like a lot of things about it - good package management, sane
configuration system and web interface, and it's obviously very
well-designed overall.

However, I'm only getting 1-2% of my total connection speed (1-2mbit/s,
with data coming in short bursts, and I'm unable to complete any large
downloads).  This happens regardless of whether I connect via wifi or
ethernet, and it happens if I run wget on the router itself.  I've
confirmed that it's not an issue with EPB - everything works fine if I
connect directly without the router.

How can I start to diagnose this issue?  I have a tcpdump file of a
download happening, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for there.
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