[Chugalug] Laptop Alternatives

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Fri Nov 8 20:06:34 UTC 2013

On Fri, 8 Nov 2013, Stephen Kraus wrote:
> Can't you just run any *nix on new Macbooks like you would on any other laptop?

I dual-booted for a while with ReFit, but gave up. What seems to be the 
best of both worlds in portable development is running VM's. The Mac 
keyboards, network, display drivers, etc work really well and I run VM's 
for Bodhi/Ubuntu 12.04 and Redhat EL6. and SSH into them as if they were 
distant servers, and point my Mac web browsers towards them as if they 
were distance servers. That way my dev environment and dependencies are 
easily duplicated on production servers. It's nice to test things out 
locally, on a connection with real bandwidth before you spend 3+ hours 
downloading the wrong'deb's or RPM's on a 3rd world 'net connection.

As for desktop PC's: A laptop with a large monitor and a good keyboard 
will be my future choice for a long time.

I gotta say: Redhat 6.4 is an intentionally limiting FU'd world.
The official Redhat Repo's are missing some odd, but important things like 
'phpize' for the stock install PHP (5.3.3-24). I found it using other RPM 
repos, thank gawd for rpmfind.net, pbone, etc.. but I was hoping that by 
paying for Redhat subs and licenses, it would "just work". In my mind, the 
Redhat world seems very Microsofty, lots of arcane work arounds required 
due to (valid) management and technical decisions that are not easily 

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