[Chugalug] Raspberry Pi on track to sell more units than Apple II computers

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Thu Nov 7 14:55:26 UTC 2013

First, you said 'man purse' which is always funny. Beats 'murse' for
comedic value, or does it?

Phil, aren't you describing the Asus Transformer and dare I say it,
Microsoft Surface?

By the way, Google Drive editing on my 4" phone is actually amazingly well

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 9:43 AM, Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com> wrote:

> John,
> Packing a printer and supplies is moving in the opposite direction from
> what I am trying to accomplish. I want to board a plane to China with a 20"
> carry on and a man purse containing my ipad mini and 2-3 other accessories,
> and be able to function productively. I already have a MacBook air, which
> is a hell of a lot easier to tote than a printer.
> The real crux of my complaint is that tablets still do NOT have an easily
> navigable file system that is made for drag and drop use. Can't be done at
> all with an ipad, and is far from easy with a 'droid tablet.
> Try making a real spreadsheet on a tablet. Just freaking shoot me now.
> I love the "idea" of abandoning my laptop, unfortunately I believe we are
> years from that reality.
> The "killer" piece of gear would be a tablet/detachable keyboard combo
> that operates with a Tablet interface when it is "sans" keyboard, and
> operates with a desktop interface once keyboard is attached.
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> On Nov 7, 2013, at 9:26 AM, John Aldrich <jmaldrich at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Quoting Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com>:
> >
> >> Ok I need to jump in to the latter part of this discussion regarding
>  moving from a laptop to a ?tablet?, and vast number of consumers  doing
> this...
> >>
> >> I am trying to make this move personally. I have a maxed out iPad  mini
> with a fantastic bluetooth KB case from Zagg. Everything is  just lovely as
> long as I have access to fast internet.
> >>
> >> As a frequent traveler I often do NOT have access to quality internet.
> >>
> >> Here are just a few of the problems that occur:
> >>
> >> 1. I made a new hotel reservation that needs to be printed out. I am
>  in a hotel and their printers are not ?air-print?. If I could just  get my
> email to turn into a .pdf and be on a thumb drive I could  then hand it to
> the hotel clerk and say ?print?. Try this process  with an iPad sometime
> and count the steps and need for an internet  connection. Sometimes these
> are hard to come by in  China/Philippines/Banana Republic etc?. And without
> a printed plane  ticket or reservation you may find it impossible to do
> things like  take a ferry from mainland China to the Airport in Hong Kong.
> >>
> >> 2. A real ?File System? where my hundreds of business docs, spreads
>  etc can be logically organized, and then easily accessed through  local
> storage.
> >>
> >> 3. a way to get anything onto my iPad with iTunes or the internet. I
>  bought a wifi thumb drive from sandisk that is way cool and cheap  that
> helps, but is still problematic without an accessible  hierarchical
> filesystem that allows ?drag and drop?
> >>
> >> These are but a fraction of the reasons I am finding it impossible  to
> abandon my laptop.
> >>
> >> Since every flight I get to China is full both ways and I go 4 times  a
> year, I do not think that business travelers such as myself are a  minority.
> >>
> >> My iPad is great for reading and creating emails, and for ebooks and
>  streaming video. If you need much more than that it becomes a LOT  harder
> to use than any laptop with any OS.
> >>
> > Phil:
> > Just playing "Devil's Advocate" here, but why not buy a portable printer
> with a connection that your iPad has or bluetooth? Yeah, a lot of printers
> these days have bluetooth connections. Granted, we're talking the
> "ultra-portable" printers so trying to print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper is
> probably a non-starter, but at least you can print a boarding pass, etc.
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