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Packing a printer and supplies is moving in the opposite direction from what I am trying to accomplish. I want to board a plane to China with a 20" carry on and a man purse containing my ipad mini and 2-3 other accessories, and be able to function productively. I already have a MacBook air, which is a hell of a lot easier to tote than a printer.

The real crux of my complaint is that tablets still do NOT have an easily navigable file system that is made for drag and drop use. Can't be done at all with an ipad, and is far from easy with a 'droid tablet.

Try making a real spreadsheet on a tablet. Just freaking shoot me now.

I love the "idea" of abandoning my laptop, unfortunately I believe we are years from that reality.

The "killer" piece of gear would be a tablet/detachable keyboard combo that operates with a Tablet interface when it is "sans" keyboard, and operates with a desktop interface once keyboard is attached. 


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On Nov 7, 2013, at 9:26 AM, John Aldrich <jmaldrich at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Quoting Phil Sieg <phil.sieg at gmail.com>:
>> Ok I need to jump in to the latter part of this discussion regarding  moving from a laptop to a ?tablet?, and vast number of consumers  doing this...
>> I am trying to make this move personally. I have a maxed out iPad  mini with a fantastic bluetooth KB case from Zagg. Everything is  just lovely as long as I have access to fast internet.
>> As a frequent traveler I often do NOT have access to quality internet.
>> Here are just a few of the problems that occur:
>> 1. I made a new hotel reservation that needs to be printed out. I am  in a hotel and their printers are not ?air-print?. If I could just  get my email to turn into a .pdf and be on a thumb drive I could  then hand it to the hotel clerk and say ?print?. Try this process  with an iPad sometime and count the steps and need for an internet  connection. Sometimes these are hard to come by in  China/Philippines/Banana Republic etc?. And without a printed plane  ticket or reservation you may find it impossible to do things like  take a ferry from mainland China to the Airport in Hong Kong.
>> 2. A real ?File System? where my hundreds of business docs, spreads  etc can be logically organized, and then easily accessed through  local storage.
>> 3. a way to get anything onto my iPad with iTunes or the internet. I  bought a wifi thumb drive from sandisk that is way cool and cheap  that helps, but is still problematic without an accessible  hierarchical filesystem that allows ?drag and drop?
>> These are but a fraction of the reasons I am finding it impossible  to abandon my laptop.
>> Since every flight I get to China is full both ways and I go 4 times  a year, I do not think that business travelers such as myself are a  minority.
>> My iPad is great for reading and creating emails, and for ebooks and  streaming video. If you need much more than that it becomes a LOT  harder to use than any laptop with any OS.
> Phil:
> Just playing "Devil's Advocate" here, but why not buy a portable printer with a connection that your iPad has or bluetooth? Yeah, a lot of printers these days have bluetooth connections. Granted, we're talking the "ultra-portable" printers so trying to print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper is probably a non-starter, but at least you can print a boarding pass, etc.
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