[Chugalug] Motorola Lapdock into KVM

Phil Sieg phil.sieg at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 00:12:54 UTC 2013

Ok so I have achieved success mostly.

I have also discovered that there are at least 3 different lap docks and one works better than the rest. I think it is the Lapdock Pro… It is the one with a removable cable connector instead of a “dock”

The one caveat is that to make it work with VGA (non digital signal) requires another $35 dollar converter that is now on order. It works great with DVI and HDMI outputs. MOST of the devices I would use this with are VGA only, so this is a must.

Sill have to modify a USB cable to not carry the +5V from the Lapdock battery back to the motherboard that is also outputting +5v. This is to avoid releasing the magic smoke that makes things work.

I think my portable self powered KVM is gonna be a great piece of kit.

I have also dorked around with the droid bionic in my lap dock, and I gotta say it is pretty cool and just a step or 2 away from being a real “laptop” replacement. Pair this with the Ubuntu phone project (which becomes Ubuntu desktop edition when plugged into external display) and it would be a pretty sweet setup.

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