[Chugalug] Laptop SMTP server vs UUCP over TCP

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Fri Nov 1 13:50:10 UTC 2013

Hosting your own mail server is a pain in the neck, good luck!

Along these lines, this might be of interest:

On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Mike Harrison <cluon at geeklabs.com> wrote:

> Darren:
>  The idea behind the UUCP was to send PC to PC email without a web provider
>> and maybe tucked into a VPN/SSL setup or even a VIDALIA router.
> Back in the days when were were doing lots of UUCP (pre-1995/1996),
> it was for mail servers that were not always online. Bandwidth and
> connection time was expensive and limited.
> There were a handful of places in Chattanooga that did UUCP,
> some using bespoke one of a kind UUCP to pre internet email gateways.
> For example, I built one for Chamblis Bahner for UUCP to cc:Mail.
> I seem to remember building one for some Word Perfect email product.
> The "Chattanooga Online"  original TBBS BBS to the "Internet" email
> gateway was UUCP to a company called "Holonet", and we were using a
> satellite downlink for newsgroups.
> UUCP was seldom done over a VPN or a "Vidalia/onion/tor.." router,
> I never saw it done. In a lot of ways it was like FidoNet (or FidoNet was
> a UUCP variant, either way) and we were just so happy at the time that it
> worked..
> Still, it was a good solution then, and if done well could be a good
> solution now in specific circumstances. Traditional UUCP email addresses
> (Bang Paths) are a pain to translate back and forth to. Using SMTP is a LOT
> easier, and can also be used on a "store and forward" configuration,
> although finding a provider that will do it well is a good trick. The USA
> and "1st world" has standardized on "always on" connections to mail
> servers. These features are disabled (but can be turned back on) in modern
> versions of Sendmail and many others don't support them at all. The TURN,
> ETRN and other commands are seldom used, as are configurations that tell an
> SMTP server to accept and queue mail for another domain. Thanks to spam, we
> have become much less willing get in the middle and mail servers are more
> "direct".
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