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Somewhat related to this side. I occasionally give historical tours in the
Laurel-Snow State Natural Wilderness Area just north of here in Dayton, TN.
This past weekend I took an Environmental Ethics class on the tour. What is
now a natural area was a very active coal mining area just over 100 years
ago. There are a lot of structures and a ton of land modifications that
most hikers either do not see or only see the tip of the ice.

All that to say that sometimes it takes a while, but either good or bad in
the first place, all human changes to land disappear over time. This does
not excuse any bad practices, but it does give hope for the grandkids no
matter what bad stuff happens today.

(If anyone is interested in joining on a historical hike of the area next
time I do one, just let me know off list.)

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> Last time I checked, you can't grow new rocks.
> Last time I checked only tree produce oxygen and harbor wildlife.
> I think that the ecological damage footprint of the quarry is lower than
> the current extermination of forest.
> But that's just my thoughts...
> ET
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