[Chugalug] Where is chugalug's GPG key?

Mike Robinson miker at sundialservices.com
Thu Mar 21 12:44:12 UTC 2013

I see that the latest digest is signed with the key C3FEC2D10E55B71D but I cannot find that key on a server.

I'm using OpenGPG for OSX (Snow Leopard = 10.6) and searched e.g. "keys.gnupg.net" without success.  Does anyone who is also using that software happen to have info?

gpg --recv-keys C3FEC2D10E55B71D
gpg: requesting key 0E55B71D from hkp server keys.gnupg.net
gpgkeys: key C3FEC2D10E55B71D not found on keyserver
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