[Chugalug] Thirty years in programming, looking for something to do

Mike Robinson miker at sundialservices.com
Mon Mar 11 18:19:39 UTC 2013

Hello, World.

I'm a Chattanooga native, a computer programmer with thirty years' experience .. 21 years in business (see signature) .. and I'm looking to quickly become much busier than I presently am.  "Job."

In addition to having written a LOT code for everything from mainframe to a smattering of portables, I'm good at designing software and projects, gathering requirements, putting project plans together, and doing QA so that things go out the door with near-zero defects.  If a client is coming in the door with stars in his eyes and you need to turn that into a project you can build and a solid plan for doing it, that's where I'd shine.

Mike Robinson
Technical Director
Sundial Services International, LLC  (Chickamauga, GA)
miker at sundialservices.com
(615) 268-3829

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