[Chugalug] Cleaning out some toys.

Sparky sparky13 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 03:23:29 UTC 2013

Got some toys I don't use anymore so I wanted to see if anyone on the list
wanted them. Will be in Chattanooga Tues and Thurs this week so I can bring
stuff up on those days.

Sun Ultra5 - Free to good home
 UltraSparcIIi 400Mhz
 192 Ram
 Quad Ethernet Card
 Floppy drive
 hard drive is unknown
 Solaris 9
 keyboard and mouse

Sun Ultra60 - Free to good home
 2x UltraSparc II 450Mhz
 1Gig ram
 Raptor graphics card
 Floppy Drive
 72GB hard drive
 Solaris 9
 keyboard and mouse

Sun Blade2000 - Free to good home
 1 x 750Mhz Ultra Sparc III Cu (I think)
 1Gig Ram
 XVR-1000 graphics card
 Floppy drive
 72Gig hard drive
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