[Chugalug] Harvard learns from Chattanooga open source librarian Griffey

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Sun Mar 10 06:32:03 UTC 2013

Phil, I live in Benton just about 20 minutes from Cleveland and I am an
official Fedora Ambassador. I would be willing to help out any way I can.
Can you give me some details?
On Mar 9, 2013 10:59 PM, "Phil Shapiro" <pshapiro at his.com> wrote:

>  Hi chugalug members,
>    There's a nice blog post over at Harvard's web site about Jason
> Griffey's LibraryBox
> project being used at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, this week.
> http://tinyurl.com/bcmt3k6
>    Sure, Harvard knows a thing or two, but in no way can they match the
> ingenuity
> of Chatt tinkerers.
>          http://librarybox.us/
>      Ain't that a gorgeous web site Jason Griffey has set up? It speaks of
> excellence
> in all forms. And I'll be using a LibraryBox in my day long workshop at
> the Cleveland
> Maker Faire next month.
> http://makerfairecleveland.com/
> https://sites.google.com/site/hdvideoforcommunitypurposes/
>     If anyone on this list happens to know open source enthusiasts in the
> Cleveland area,
> kindly contact me off list.  I could use some help adding some more FOSS
> to my workshop --
> in terms of showing the public the basics of OpenShot video editing -- or
> just showing up at my workshop with Linux laptops to make sure that Linux
> has an even greater presence at this maker faire.
>               phil
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