[Chugalug] Open Source Project Management

Nick Smith nick at nicksmith.us
Wed Mar 6 18:44:45 UTC 2013

Im looking for something to do project management tracking.

Most of the stuff ive found out there is more geared toward software
development (redmine or basecamp for example)

I would like to find something for an IT department, not software development.

Im looking for something that does a timeline, resource management,
time management and some collaboration that doesnt have too steep of a
learning curve so we can get up and running on it quickly.

Something that is opensource, free and runs on linux would be ideal.

Anyone have any suggestions, or have any opinions on stuff they have
used or looked at before and did or did not like for whatever reason?
(dont want to waste my time evaluating something that a bunch of
people tell me to stay away from)

Thanks for any advice.

Nick Smith
nick at nicksmith dot us

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