[Chugalug] TextMarks Implementation

Mike Harrison cluon at geeklabs.com
Tue Mar 5 00:09:24 UTC 2013

> If I understand what you are saying correctly, they are not the only
> people who do it.  I have used several SMS services that are the same
> shortcode (5 digit SMS number), but you get different information
> depending on what you send to the number in question.  90210 for example.

The issue is, there is a 'short code blacklist' as well as a full number 
blacklist at the SMPP (multi-telecom direct connections) level.

If I use their short code for porn spam or weirder stuff, the other 
gateways will block that shortcode. In rare cases they even get revoked.

And yea.. I got a client with a recycled short code with a 69 in it...
You should see some of the weird messages that get sent to it.
The system identifies some key words and replies:

   "We can turn your electricity on, not you. This number is now...."

Apparently you could text message key words and it would send images
back that matched that description. For a fee of course.

I haven't ready the rules for a while. but sharing short codes was not 
allowed in the USA a few years ago.

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