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You don't say -- either of you -- how you're hosted. If cpanel, go  
through fantastico and install 2 or 3 CMS's of your choice and a  
picture gallery or two, play with existing themes, rinse, repeat.  
Drupal, b2evolution, jango, wordpress, etc.

This seems like an "of course" kind of thing to me. If I'm wrong,  
someone stroke me with a small cluestick.

Obviously I'm missing something here, if Dan is asking this.

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> So related to John's question:
> I've got a friend who's a woodworker:
> http://segurafurniture.blogspot.com/
> I wandered over to his place to talk at lunch time because I'm gonna
> build a sailboat tomorrow (kinda, the other reason I wandered over was
> to pick up a hull to put the rigging on, but he and I can build that
> hull in an hour and a half with hand tools, so I'm saving myself 90
> minutes).
> Anyway, he got to talking about organizing pictures of his work so
> that he can keep track of them and, when a client says "I want a
> dining room table", he can quickly find all the dining room tables.
> Is there any simple solution obviously better than just using tags  
> in blogspot?
> The only big issue I can see is that he's a few years behind in taking
> and uploading pictures, so I want to help him bulk update these things
> somehow.
> Dan
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